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This is a four-week summer course focusing on the topic of “Hacking Manufacturing.”

In this hands-on program, students are introduced to basic manufacturing concepts and taught how to effectively manage and improvise with a select supply chain network.  In particular, we will be collaborating with  a flexible printed circuit board manufacturer, to see what new processes and tools we could invent as researchers.

In addition to tours of the facilities and meetings with factory owners, students are tasked with combining existing machines and processes at the factory with new materials and tools to invent new manufacturing capabilities for the factory.  For example students may combine flexible PCB manufacturing with hand-crafted textiles to enable new modes of wearable electronic technologies. Rather than focusing on creating a specific device, the course is designed to train students to engage deeply with factories and suppliers by building collaborative relationships, as well as work improvisationally within the manufacturing ecosystem.

At the conclusion of the course, students will be expected to create an art or design piece that demonstrates their process inventions and lessons learned.  These works will be exhibited at the Design Society Museum in Shenzhen.


HM Workshop 2018
1 Aug

HM Workshop 2018

Hacking Manufacturing Workshop August-September 2018

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